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Notice on Further Standardizing Pre-departure Self-isolation and Vaccination Certificates
2022-01-22 22:13

In order to further avoid the COVID-19 transmission via the flights to China, the requirements for pre-departure self-isolation and vaccination certificates for passengers taking direct flights from Singapore to China are as follows.

  1. Further standardizing pre-departure self-isolation

    1.1 Additional proof of self-isolation before departure is required. When applying for health codes, those working or studying in Singapore shall also provide the certificate proving that the employers or schools agree them to take a vacation or work from home or home-based learning before their departure (the starting date shall be no later than the 7th day before departure, see Annex 1 for the sample of the certificate).

    For current students, they can upload the full holiday notice (including the academic calender) or home-based study notice released by the schools. Those who have resigned, graduated, and completed the study or training shall submit certificate of resignation, graduation or completion of study.

    For work or student’s pass holders, the employer or school issuing the certificate shall be the same as indicated on the pass. For those who are not working or studying in Singapore shall declare their current status in Statement of Commitment on Personal Health Monitoring (see Annex 2 for the revised version). They are not required to offer proof materials but shall take a 7-day self-isolation before departure as required. For workers in relevant companies and crew on board, they shall follow the specific pre-departure self-isolation regulations as required.

    1.2 Relevant requirements of pre-departure self-isolation

    1.2.1 The duration of self-isolation. The current duration for pre-departure self-isolation is 7 days. For example, a passenger who takes a flight on 8 February shall take a pre-departure self-isolation from 1 February to 7 February.

    1.2.2 The place of self-isolation. Passengers shall take the pre-departure self-isolation in a single room separately. If not applicable, please take proper preventive measures to avoid contact with those who share the same room.

    1.2.3 Requirements of outings during self-isolation. Passengers shall handle the relevant matters in advance before self-isolation, and shall not go out during self-isolation except for pre-departure testing. If the self-isolation cannot be completed for any reason, in principle, the passenger shall postpone the trip and fulfill the 7-day self-isolation again.

    1.2.4 For passengers travelling to China for such humanitarian reasons as death of immediate family member or visiting immediate family member with critical illness, the Embassy will take their situation into account and shorten their pre-departure self-isolation but require additional pre-departure test as appropriate. The relevant passengers shall contact the Embassy in advance and provide related proofs.

    The Embassy would like to remind that pre-departure self-isolation is an important measure to cut off the import of the COVID-19, protect the safety of passengers and maintain the order of aviation. Passengers to China shall enhance their sense of responsibility and take the pre-departure self-isolation as required. Recently, the Embassy has rejected a number of applications for health codes from people who fail to follow the inspection process or the required pre-departure self-isolation during random checks. The Embassy will continue to strengthen the pre-departure inspection and will not issue health codes to those who fail to fulfill the required pre-departure self-isolation.

  2. Standardizing the uploading of vaccination certificate

    2.1 For those vaccinated in China, please upload International Travel Health Certificate (see Annex 3 for the format), or upload the relevant vaccination certificate with a verifiable QR code (including certificates obtained after overseas vaccination certification in Singapore).

    2.2 For those vaccinated in Singapore, please upload vaccination certificate with a verifiable QR code (Vaccination HealthCert, see Annex 4 for the format).

    To apply for the above certificate, you need to register a Singpass account in advance,which will take a certain amount of time. Therefore, if you plan to fly to China, especially those who have resigned, please apply for the vaccination certificate in advance according to the attached method, avoiding the inability to apply in time due to the cancellation of the Singapore IC. (See the second item of Annex 4 for the method of applying for a certificate for those who do not have a Singpass account).

    2.3 For those who fail to offer vaccination certificate as required above, in principle, the vaccination will not be recognised and the pre-departure tests shall be carried out as for unvaccinated passengers, which means that an additional IgM antibody test shall be required. Please note that you still need to upload your vaccination certificate and Letter of Commitment on COVID-19 Vaccination while applying for a health code. If you are tested positive for IgM antibody, it may affect your trip to China.

    2.4 For those vaccinated outside of China and Singapore, please upload a verifiable vaccination certificate fulfilling the requirement of the Embassy of China in the place of vaccination. The Embassy will check the situation with the relevant Embassy.

    3. The above requirements will take effect on and after 5 February (Saturday). Passengers taking flights before 5 February can upload the required documents according to either the current or the latest requirements during the transition period.

For Enquiry: +65-81296456 (8:30AM--12:00PM, 2:30PM--5:00PM, Monday--Friday, except Holidays)

Annex 1 Approval of Leave for Pre-departure Self-isolation.pdf

Annex 2 Statement of Commitment on Personal Health Monitoring.pdf

Annex 3 International Travel Health Certificate.jpg

Annex 4 Vaccination Certificate with a verifiable QR code.jpg

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