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Notice on Adjusting Pre-departure Requirements
2021-12-30 09:24

In view of the relevant requirements and local situation in Singapore, the following adjustments are made to pre-departure requirements, which passengers travelling to China on and after 3 January 2022 are kindly requested to follow.

1. Adjusting pre-departure testing requirement

For those vaccinated with inactivated COVID-19 vaccines such as Sinovac and Sinopharm, or those who both vaccinated with inactivated and non-inactivated vaccines (full vaccination with either type vaccine is required) , PCR tests shall be performed on the 3rd day and 2nd day before departure respectively,while IgM antibody test is not required any more.

Note: The test memos will be invalid if they are not issued by two different testing agencies or both tests are not administered by hospitals and clinics of Raffles Medical Group or Parkway Pantai Ltd. 

For passengers who have completed non-inactivated COVID-19 vaccinations, who have not been vaccinated or not been fully vaccinated, pre-departure test requirements remain unchanged.

2. Adjusting observation period for confirmed cases of COVID-19

2.1 Passengers who have been tested positive for nucleic acid (PCR) or rapid antigen (ART) tests shall take the tests for inspection 2 weeks after the date tested positive. If the hospitalized treatment lasts for over 2 weeks, those shall take the tests for inspection after discharged from hospital. Those who have passed the inspection by the Embassy can fulfill the 6-week observation period (including the 14 days of health monitoring during self-isolation). If there is no abnormality, they can take pre-departure tests and apply for health codes.

Specific procedures:

Two nucleic acid tests (PCR) with an interval of 1 day (performed in two different testing agencies that can provide the test memo with verifiable QR code or web link for verification) and one lung X-ray/CT test shall be performed after the infection. The results of these tests shall be submitted to the Embassy for review. The lung X-ray/CT shall be performed within 5 days before the date of submission, and the two PCR tests shall be performed on the 3rd and 1st day before the date of submission respectively. Passengers shall fulfill health monitoring during self-isolation for 14 days from the date of approval by the Embassy. If there are no symptoms such as fever or cough, pre-departure tests can be performed to apply for health codes 6 weeks after approval by the Embassy.

For example, those can take the tests for inspection as early as 15 January once infected or tested positive for COVID-19 on 1 January. If they choose to take the first PCR test on 17 January and the second one on 19 January, the lung X-ray/CT test can be performed between 15 January and 20 January and the application for approval shall be submitted via e-mail on 20 January. If any of the above test results is unqualified, they shall wait for 2 weeks before undergoing the procedure again.

The Embassy will review the relevant documents after receiving the application and and inform the confirmation via e-mail. Those shall start the 14-day health monitoring during self-isolation since the date of confirmation. If there is no abnormality, pre-departure tests can be performed to apply for health codes 6 weeks after approval by the Embassy. If there are symptoms such as fever or cough during the 14 days, passengers shall contact the Embassy for further guidance.

2.2 For passengers with history of COVID-19 infection who are tested positive for total antibody N protein or IgM antibody tests before departure, if they are tested negative for PCR tests, they are eligible for the inspection process. Those who have received the confirmation from the Embassy can take pre-departure tests and apply for health codes after the 6-week observation period (including the 14 days of personal health monitoring during self-isolation) .

2.3 Passengers with history of COVID-19 infection shall report to the Embassy via https://wj.qq.com/s2/5896473/3a7f/ as early as possible once they intend to travel to China, to obtain the contact e-mail address and detailed requirements.

Those who have already reported to the Embassy may adjust their itinerary to China in accordance with the above requirements. Those who have completed relevant procedures before 3 January, 2022 can submit documents and apply for approval in accordance with the previous requirements. From 3 January, 2022, the new procedure shall be followed as required.

3. Adjusting the period of closed-loop personal health monitoring before departure

In view of the current situation, passengers to China are required to fulfill 7-day pre-departure closed-loop management. Non-essential outings other than pre-departure testing are not allowed within 7 days before departure, and personal body temperature shall be monitored and recorded daily until the day of applying for health code. Where there are separate requirements for the pre-departure closed-loop health management, the relevant requirements shall be implemented as notified.

Pre-departure closed-loop management is an important method to prevent COVID-19 infections before departure. Passengers to China are kindly requested to ensure that they have fulfilled closed-loop management before departure and to fill in the Statement of Commitment on Personal Health Monitoring carefully. The Embassy will make calls for random inspection, and block the application for further inspection if those are not aware of the contents of the Statement of Commitment or make inaccurate declarations, or fail to make reasonable explanation.

4. Other requirements regarding the time of pre-departure testing, format of the test certificate, vaccination certificates, direct flights and travel history remain unchanged.

The evolution of COVID-19 pandemic remains uncertain while new variants of the virus are still spreading globally, with some countries and regions experiencing surge of the pandemic. To safeguard the health for you and your family, please follow the principle of“no travel for non-essential or non-urgent reasons”and take proper personal protection measures to fight against the pandemic together.

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